Orange Tentacle

Specialists in identifying and overcoming technical challenges for your organisation.

We work with your organisation to identify your needs, and help deliver the best possible solution for those needs, within your constraints. We draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver solutions for your organisation, recognising that no two organisations work the same way.

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Agile, Flexible Development

No two organisations work the same way, and no two projects within that organisation work the same way. We believe on working with your organisation, rather than working against it. We'll bring our experience with us, but listen to your expertise in your industry to come up with solutions that meet your needs. And rather than go away and not hear from us until delivery, we believe in keeping you involved in every part of the delivery, making sure that what's delivered for you is truly fit for purpose.

.NET Technology Specialists, Wide Technology Generalists

We've been Microsoft Partners for several years, and where it suits our clients, deliver Microsoft based solutions. But following with current practices, we don't sit within one box. We've deliver solutions that best fit our clients, whether that's Wordpress, Rails, Arduino or an custom Android application. We would rather get the fit right, rather than make the technology fit.

Cloud Ready, On Premises Aware

Different organisations have different requirements for hosting, processing and storage. For many organisations, hosting in the cloud offers benefits, where for others, the option is limited by regulation, cost, or practical constraints. We can discuss these options with you, and help you with migration towards your best possible infrastructure.

Multi-Platform Ready

Your users are no longer restricted to single-point clients, and your organisation's solutions shouldn't be either. We make our solutions responsive so they can be used on mobile or desktop, and we can build for offline availability and remote use.

Practice Consultancy

We can help you make your existing practices better. We work with a number of organisations on improving their existing development and operational practices: training developers, reviewing operational practices and managing teams. We can talk to you about how we can help improve the functionality of your teams.